June has arrived, spring is in full swing, and soon it will be summer at the shore. I hope everyone is safe and has gotten vaccinated. I would like to invite everyone to our June 15, 2021 outdoor gathering at the firehouse. Bring a chair and something to drink. We will be discussing how to bring this chapter back after the pandemic. Your input is very much needed as after all, it is your chapter. So please come to the gathering to celebrate summer and also to share fish stories once again.

Current places to fish in N.J. For all of you guys that just want to get out on the water, here is a tip: Go to Point Mountain MWA in the next two weeks, before the weather gets to warm. For all of you that fish below the surface, try small pheasant tails size 18 or 20. For all of you that fish dry flys: grey caddis size 18, march browns size 12, Iso’s size 12 and sulfurs near dusk. Once it gets hot, fish the Pequest with size 20 to 24 midges.

If you want to take a trip to the Catskills check with the local fly shops since the hatches are in full swing. Over the next to weeks if you fish the Beaver kill and Willow, try green drakes size 8 and 10, tan cadis size 16 and 18, Sulfurs before dark size 14 and 16. The East branch of the Delaware is the hatches are the same as the Beaver kill. The Upper West is fishable but the sulfurs will be arriving any day now.