Ruminations of the JSTU chapter President, Kevin Lovely

Kevin's Corner - October 27, 2021

November has arrived, 2021 is almost over, and it's onward to 2022! There are lots of changes coming for the new year.


The TIC Egg delivery went off without a hitch. Thank you to the members and volunteers for helping out. We delivered eggs to 31 schools this year.

Chapter News

November 2, 2021 board meeting is cancelled for election day. Get out and VOTE. Your voice counts.
Our general meeting is Tues day, November 16, 2021. Fly tying is from 630pm to 730pm. Rich (Doc) is hosting. Speaker is Tim Flagger from Tightlines Productions. So come out an enjoy the evening.
We also are holding our elections for President and Vice President. We have two volunteers: Trooper Tom for President, and Steve for Vice President. If you would like to be part of the board please let me know.
Also we have Bob Simpson as our new Newsletter editor, so the newsletter will come out in your emails once again. Please keep an eye out and check your emails regularly.

Fishing News

All rivers in NJ have been stocked, so get out and fish. NY state rivers are open for trout fishing all year round but you have to catch and release. In PA, the Little Lehigh in Allentown is the place to go. Use eggs and sucker spawns. Again, it's catch and release only. One other thing, the lakes get stocked the week before Thanksgiving with large trout. So check fish and wildlife web page for updates. This a great time to take your children or grandchildren fishing. If you are venturing through the fields and woods remember hunting season is underway. Be safe and wear an orange hat.

Lastly, I would like say thank you for all of the support I have received over the years and wish everyone safe and happy holidays. I will miss you all and please be safe..


Kevin's Corner - October 7, 2021

Fall has arrived, and fall stocking is under way in both Pa and NJ. We have set up Saturday trips to various rivers in NJ. So get out and fish.

Also, TIC egg day is October 18, 2021. Please meet at the Asbury rest area all the way in the back at 10am to 11am. We have 32 schools located throughout Monmouth County and Ocean County..

Our next meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday, October 19th at the usual Fireman's Field meeting location in Oakhurst, NJ. We still need to fill the board and volunteers are needed, so see me at the meeting if interested.

The NJ fly fisherman of the year tourney (one fly contest) is on November 6, 2021. If you would like to try this once in a lifetime event, come to the meeting on October 19, 2021. By the way, I have a good idea what to use to win.

One last thing - Hunting season is underway please wear a orange hat when walking through the woods to reach your favorite spot.

Please be safe,!


Kevin's Corner - June 16, 2021

To all of our members,

JSTU held a meeting on June 15, 2021, and we had a great turnout for the first of many meetings to come. The board gave updates on the status of the chapter, and all is well and we begin gearing up for the fall activities. As of now, we do not know if the NJ Wild show will be occurring in September. I will keep everyone informed if we are going forward with that event.

Trout in the classroom will return in October, and as of now, we do not know the number of schools we will need to take care of. Hopefully, all schools will return. I will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available in September. As always, we will need volunteers to help with the egg deliveries in the fall.

We are looking to have day fishing trips to the Musky, South Branch and Pequest rivers in October, November and December. We may also venture out to the Little Lehigh in PA, and maybe out to the Tully in Reading as well as the Bushkill near Easton PA.

Currently the rivers in NJ are fishing well, but watch the water temps. The Pequest stays cold all summer, and is great to fish in July and August. The Bushkill in Easton PA also stays cold and has been fishing well.

In NYS, the West Branch of the Delaware has been fishing fair,  with Sulphurs showing up on the upper during the afternoon. ISO’s are around on the lower sections. The East Branch is also spotty during the day, with hatches right at sunset. The Roscoe area has been fishing well in the evenings and early morning. If you are coming up to the Catskills, reach out to me for the latest hatch information. If you do venture up to the Catskills, watch out for deer on the roads early in the AM and at night. Also, watch your speed - the bears are watching on Rt. 17 and in the local towns.

Have a great summer and stay safe.


Kevin's Corner - August 2, 2021

The summer has been hot and wet for the most part, and trout fishing has been marginal at best on all rivers in the tri-state area. But things are improving with colder temps and drier days. Places to fish this time a year? The Pequest in New Jersey, the Little Lehigh in Pennsylvania, the West and East branch of the Delaware rivers in NY, and if you do not mind the drive, the Farmington river in Connecticut. These rivers have two things in common: cold water and good hatches. So, if you are fishing at all, try these out.

 Now down to Trout Unlimited topics. As of today, we are still planning to meet at the regular Fireman’s Field House meeting location in Oakhurst, NJ the first and third Tuesdays of the month. The chapter board meets the first Tuesday each month, while the general chapter meetings tske place on the third Tuesday. So in September, we will have meetings September 7th and 21st from 7pm to 9pm. We will be putting out the latest plans for the fall activities, including the speaker lineup. November has a tentative speaker, New Jersey’s own Tim Flagler, so do not miss this one. As of right now, we can all plan on wearing masks to the meetings and following social distancing guidelines since the Delta variant is still running amok. If you are not vaccinated, please get a vaccination.

Please be safe and tight lines.


Kevin's Corner - June 2, 2021

June has arrived, spring is in full swing, and soon it will be summer at the shore. I hope everyone is safe and has gotten vaccinated. I would like to invite everyone to our June 15, 2021 outdoor gathering at the firehouse. Bring a chair and something to drink. We will be discussing how to bring this chapter back after the pandemic. Your input is very much needed as after all, it is your chapter. So please come to the gathering to celebrate summer and also to share fish stories once again.

Current places to fish in N.J. For all of you guys that just want to get out on the water, here is a tip: Go to Point Mountain MWA in the next two weeks, before the weather gets to warm. For all of you that fish below the surface, try small pheasant tails size 18 or 20. For all of you that fish dry flys: grey caddis size 18, march browns size 12, Iso’s size 12 and sulfurs near dusk. Once it gets hot, fish the Pequest with size 20 to 24 midges.

If you want to take a trip to the Catskills check with the local fly shops since the hatches are in full swing. Over the next to weeks if you fish the Beaver kill and Willow, try green drakes size 8 and 10, tan cadis size 16 and 18, Sulfurs before dark size 14 and 16. The East branch of the Delaware is the hatches are the same as the Beaver kill. The Upper West is fishable but the sulfurs will be arriving any day now.